Modern Science and Gamov lines

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Sednev Yu.

Gamov ideas are often summarized to three never received Nobel prise results, called also “goals” by Sklovsky, who has named Gamov as our most important physics scientist from XX century. By this, a lot of other Gamovs discoveries are hidden.

Main lines of Gamovs ideas can be summarized by the following table

L7-  cosmological line (from Einshtein and Fridman), hot start, element initial synthesis and calculation of T radiation ~ 5K, 1946. L8- genetic-biological line, starting from gene code, 1953 L1:  traditional (institutional), 1922-27
L6- applied physics,  1940-  -military nuclear synthesis work with Teller L0: Odessa – from Galley comet -telescop (1910),  mathematics in Novorussia University L2: revolutionary world line of new physics, till cGh-theory (1928- , later- united theory
L5- popularization line, mr. Thompkins, 1937-67 L4- stars line, synthesis Н-Не and Ме, models of n-processes (urka-process, 1938), Red Gigants, galaxies L3 —  nuclear line – Quantum energetic (1928), αβγ-transitions, such as Gamov-Teller (1938)


For more detailed analysis we can expand these lines in 3×3 or 8×8  table («Gamov code»), graph or semantic net.*


Astrobiology from Bible to Gamov and perspectives of modern science.

Astrobiology should be not considered as a narrow specific field of science. Instead all major sciences can be united under it, starting from different astro- and bio- logics. Major direction for future science and Cosmic exploration should be discovery of life, especially intelligent life   outside of Earth.



*I would like to thank L.Zakrevski for consultations and help with translation.*

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